Free Firewall is a complete firewall solution for Windows PC

Free Firewall by Evorim is a free firewall software for Windows that comes with professional features and great functionality. The firewall is completely safe and fully functional, you can prevent any software from accessing the internet using this tool. Different modes make it easier to work with internet permissions for different applications and services. Free Firewall is easy to use and can be used as your default firewall program in place of the default Windows Firewall.

Free Firewall for Windows

To start with, you need to download the installer corresponding to your system architecture. Once downloaded and installed, Free Firewall will automatically turn off the Windows Firewall and take its place by enabling itself.

The list of all active applications will be displayed on the start-up page. You can manually allow or block the application by hitting the buttons corresponding to a particular application. To allow or block services, switch to the Services tab to view the list of services accessing the internet and network.

Free Firewall for Windows

The software comes with two inbuilt modes, Credulous and Paranoid. If you choose Paranoid, all the applications will be blocked from accessing the internet, and they can only gain access with your prior consent. In the Credulous mode, all applications will have access to internet and network until unless you manually block any of these applications.

There is an additional feature available called Blockade that lets you instantly block all applications from accessing the internet irrespective of their previous state. The feature comes handy when you want to completely disable all applications from using the internet in one go.

Not only firewall, but Free Firewall also comes with additional security features that make the tool ideal and adds to its practicality. You can enable or disable analysis services and user tracking on web pages which tracks and logs the user behavior in the background. You can also block all Windows Telemetry data. Telemetry data is basically the data which is sent to Microsoft servers to improve upon issues, errors, and other bugs.


Free Firewall also comes with an inbuilt Hack preventer that prevents all possible hacking practices and ensures data security to your computer. You can enable/disable all these features under the Extras tab.

Overall, Free Firewall looks good and the additional features make it even better.


Click here to download Evorim Free Firewall.


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