HPE 5920 Configure Web Access (Quick access)

Firstly enable the web interface <hpe>ip http enable <hpe>save Now we will enable telnet access <hpe>system-view <hpe>telnet server enable <hpe>User-interface vty 0 <hpe>authentication-mode none <hpe>user-role network-admin Set up IP address for Ethernet management interface <hpe>system-view <hpe>interface M_GigabitEthernet0/0/0 ip address <IP> <SUBNET> <hpe>save Setup a user for the web interface <hpe>local-user [USER] <hpe>service-type telnet http https Read more about HPE 5920 Configure Web Access (Quick access)[…]

HPE 5920 Factory Reset

To factory reset the switch, plug the console port and launch “Serial Connection” to access to the switch. Type theses commands to delete all the saved configuration and restore the switch to its factory settings: reset saved-configuration main # Delete the main configuration file reset saved-configuration backup # Delete the backup configuration file