Increase Postfix Mail Size Limit

Quick note on how to increase the mail size limit in postfix…. The configuration option is “message_size_limit” and by default is set to 10240000 bytes which is roughly 10MB. You can see what setting your postfix is by running: postconf message_size_limit For the default setting, you’ll see this: message_size_limit = 10240000 To change the setting Read more about Increase Postfix Mail Size Limit[…]

JournalCTL – where have my logs gone?

When looking for my postfix logs on a new openSUSE install i noticed the file was missing… Quick look around and its all moved to journalctl.   If you want to see your postfix logs off the bat use the following : journalctl -u postfix If you want your old logs back do the following Read more about JournalCTL – where have my logs gone?[…]