Cleaning up the Zabbix database

Your issues are going to come from this table history_uint, which holds the items history data. Since this is not an official procedure, use it at your own risk. Environment: Zabbix v3.0 MySql 5.1 – InnoDB with innodb_file_per_table=ON Step 1 – Stop the Zabbix server Step 2 – Open your favourite MySQL client and create a Read more about Cleaning up the Zabbix database[…]

Zabbbix Database is Down

Quick one for notes…when i get a consistent Zabbix Database is down error this gets it back up and running for me – # mysqlq -p (login with root password) mysql> show databases; (just lists the databases on the server) mysql> use zabbix; (if zabbix is your live db) mysql> TRUNCATE TABLE history; mysql> TRUNCATE Read more about Zabbbix Database is Down[…]

VMWare Monitoring in Zabbix

Ive pulled together information from a few places to get something that worked for me together so here goes…. Our setup is Zabbix 3 and ESXi 6. Any questions just give me a shout… 1. on the ESXi hosts, enable SNMP: – esxcli system snmp set -r – esxcli system snmp set -c your-community-string – esxcli Read more about VMWare Monitoring in Zabbix[…]

Monitoring Windows Updates Zabbix

The following VB script has the ability to check last time Windows update was run, the number of priority updates, the number of total updates (sum of optional and priority), as well as a listing of available updates. Note that the script can take a few seconds to run for all but checking the time Read more about Monitoring Windows Updates Zabbix[…]