Disable the filesystem check (fsck) at boot time

Options Available

  • Filesystem tunable
  • Grub boot parameter
  • Placing command files on your root device
  • Active reboot without FSCK

Filesystem tunable

Use the tune2fs command to tell your filesystem to have a max count of mounts before a check to 0 to disable it.

# tune2fs -c 0 /dev/sda1

Parameter reference:

-c max-mount-counts
 Adjust the number of mounts after which the filesystem will be  checked  by  e2fsck(8).   If max-mount-counts  is  0  or -1, the number of times the filesystem is mounted will be disregarded by e2fsck(8) and the kernel.

Grub boot parameter

Add the following at the end of your grub boot linux line.


This can be done by editing “grub.conf” or by editing the boot command via the grub menu at boot.

Placing command files on your root device

To disable the filesystem check on boot.

# touch /fastboot

To enable a filesystem check on boot.

# touch /forcefsck

Active reboot without FSCK

# shutdown -rf

Parameter reference:

-r     Reboot after shutdown.
-f     Skip fsck on reboot.

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