ESXi 6.7 Keep Getting PANIC bora/vmkernel/main/dlmalloc.c: 4924 – Usage error in dlmalloc

So the only fix for this is to roll back to ESXi 6.5 after many calls with VMWare.

The issue i came across was because i upgraded to 6.7 then did another upgrade to a 6.7 patch i couldnt just roll back my hosts to 6.5 – Vmware said i need to rebuild from scratch but i found a way round this luckily.

Just in case backup your config using this guide from Vmware –

So you will see this as an option posted around alot for the downgrade –

#esxcli software profile update -d -p ESXi-5.1.0-799733-standard –allow-downgrades

but this just didnt work for me as i wanted to use the HPe custom vmware iso.

So this is the command i used –

#esxcli software vib install -f -d /vmfs/volumes/ISOs/

As you can see i just stored the HPe offline bundle on a VMFS and ran that command….reboot and your good to go.


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