Port forward for a Cisco ASA using ASDM

Cisco really make this hard work compared to nearly every other device…so here is my run through using ASDM, this is for RDP

Create NAT Rule

  • Click Configuration (top)
  • Click Firewall (bottom-left)
  • Click NAT Rules (middle-left)
  • Select Add->Static NAT Rule
  • Original
    • Interface: inside
    • Source:
  • Translated
    • Interface: Outside
    • Select Use Interface IP Address
  • Port Address Translation (PAT)
    • Check Enable Port Address Translation (PAT)
    • Protocol: TCP
    • Original Port: 3389
    • Translated Port: 3389
  • Click OK

Create Access Rule

  • Click Access Rules
  • Select Add->Add Access Rule
    • Interface: outside
    • Action: Permit
    • Source: any
    • Destination:   <- the address of your WAN interface
    • Service: tcp/3389
    • Enable Logging: unchecked

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