ESET Era Virtual Appliance – Losing Client Connections

Again another quick post more for my notes than anything, had a few issues with the ESET ERA 6 Appliance losing connections from the clients, basically the clients connection time goes over the policy you have set. A restart of the appliance gets it up and running for so long but then it will happen Read more about ESET Era Virtual Appliance – Losing Client Connections[…]

Configure Time – CentOS Linux

Procedure: Setup NTPD on CentOS Linux Open the terminal or login over the ssh session. You must login as as the root user. Type the following yum command to install ntp # yum install ntp ntpdate ntp-doc Turn on service, enter: # chkconfig ntpd on Synchronize the system clock with server (use this command Read more about Configure Time – CentOS Linux[…]