HP Procure Series How To Set a Time Source using SNTP – Time Server Synchronisation

Simple overview of how to setup SNTP on a HP Procurve switch, you will find out the box on every restart the time will reset and then when looking at the logs your job just became alot more difficult.

First up telling the switch which time protocol we are going to use. We will use SNTP.

Our switch is called MF01.

First going into configuration mode.

MF01# Conf t

Then we tell the switch to use SNTP.

MF01 (config)# timesync sntp

We now tell the switch that we are using a single time server.

MF01 (config)# sntp unicast

Now we tell the switch the time server and priority.

MF01 (config)# sntp server priority 1

On some occasions this may come back with an error using the prioirty command instead enter the following (removing the priority).

MF01 (config)# sntp server

This sets the switch as default to GMT if you want to change time zone use the below command, its a change from GMT in minutes.

MF01 (config)# time timezone -300

All done.

You can see if the settings are set on the switch using

MF01 (config)# show sntp

Check the time using (sometimes takes a while to update even outside the poll time shown in the previous command)

MF01 (config)# show time

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